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Stained Glass Denim Jacket

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There is a sense of adventure when examining this denim jacket. Soft, black denim frames intricately printed backing cloth fabric. Each backing cloth fabric - which is used to protect a table during screen printing, can take up to a year to produce and features a visual diary of our prints and doodles from various seasons.

This piece is a unique, one-off and can not be replicated - a marriage of sustainability and rarity.

Button down front closure with two breast pockets, deep enough to carry everything you need. 

Made from protective fabric covering used during the screen printing process, this item is the ultimate in sustainable and luxurious cool.

Deconstructed fit with frayed hem for an effortless look.

A real art piece that demands to be admired simply hanging in your wardrobe or out on the streets.

Standard, copped fit.